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How to be Home Free – Technological Trends

Technology is the reason that so many of us are able to learn how to be the new bosses of our lives.  Once you become a stay at home parent who is juggling a new career, your time becomes the … Continue reading

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Morning Shows and Pole Dancing

by Nathan Bright Stripper poles should not be a part of a home. If you own one and I’ve offended you I apologize (sorry mom), but I personally can’t imagine explaining it to my daughters. This new exercise fad serves … Continue reading

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The Candy Bar Sermon

By Nathan Bright I buried the Snickers on a mountain overlooking a pristine lake. The other hikers in my group ate theirs days prior…like animals, but not me. A candy bar was given to us halfway through our 150 mile … Continue reading

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There’s a Monster in My House

by Nathan Bright No there’s not. Monsters don’t exist. What does exist are newborn babies. The five-week old variety in my home, to be precise. The similarities between her and a monster are staggering. For one, she’s scary. My two-year … Continue reading

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Inclusion Delusion

By Nathan Bright The first egg goes in beautifully. No trace of shell in the mixture at all. With my speed being matched only by artistry, I blister through the kitchen confident of a timely meal that will lead into … Continue reading

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The Housedad Interrogation

Written by Guest Blogger, Edmund Farrow “So, are you on holiday then?” It’s the question I fear most. I never know exactly how to answer and it usually comes at an awkward moment, such as when I’m trying to break … Continue reading

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