July Member Spotlight – Rita Desnoyers-Garcia

Meet Rita Desnoyers-Garcia.  She is the Owner of Becoming Awake, LLC.  She is also a mom of 3 loving young children, wife to a wonderful husband, and her passion is being a spiritual transformational teacher and coach, and writer.  She loves helping women see who they really are, to know themselves on a deep level and out of that knowing, really love themselves.

1.    Please tell us about your business and the service that you provide:
My business, Becoming Awake, is about helping women understanding and uncover who they really are so they can know and love themselves unconditionally.  As they love themselves more, they love others and everything in their life changes.  They start living from a place of peace, joy, abundance, and love.  This change impacts the rest of the world.
This work is done through one-on-one coaching, workshops, teleconferences, online courses and tools such as my book Extraordinary Abundance and my guided meditation CD Forest Meditations.  These women learn ways that they can become more aware of what’s really going on in their life and how they feel through meditation, journaling, non-judgment.

2.    What motivated you to start your business?
My business came out of my own crisis and spiritual transformation as I worked with my coach, meditated, journaled, read works of other coaches and teachers, and did my own research.  As I felt more joy in my life, I noticed how miserable so many women, especially the moms in my community, were feeling.  I asked a few friends if they wanted to come to my house to meditate and talk.  It grew from there.  It became a mission for me to not only help myself but everyone who was searching for the peace I had finally allowed myself to experience.

3.    What kind of background or expertise do you have in your field?
Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a desire to help others.  In high school and college I was attracted to helping the poor and those who have been rejected by society.  Then after college, I joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and spent 3 years in the South working with refugees and other volunteers who were interested in the same work.  I finally went to graduate school in NYC and got my Masters in Social Work where I worked with municipal workers, the homeless mentally ill, and then 6 years working with parents whose children had developmental delays.  I became more and interested with working specifically with women around why we do or don’t tap into our potential.  As I went inward about this subject, I encountered more spiritual and self-development teachers.  This all layed the groundwork for my transformation when I hit one of the biggest crises of my own life just 3 years ago.  Years before I had 7 years of therapy but I was still stuck in my own lies about myself.  The work I did with my coach allowed me to uncover and see for the first time who I really am.  In that, I was finally free from so many limiting beliefs that kept me from tapping into my potential.

4.    What trends do you see in your current industry?
There are a couple of trends going on now, but the one I’m most excited about is about the evolution of consciousness.  More and more folks around the world are waking up to living their lives from a different way of being.  Living with more consciousness.  Living with more compassion and love.  Living from the truth that we are all connected and all come from one Source, no better or no worse than one another.  The evolution of consciousness is really about becoming aware of our connectedness and that when we come from that loving place, there is no reason to hurt each other, go to war, hide, or be afraid.
Many of my colleagues are now more direct with these messages- it is a bit of a “coming out” party about how the planet is shifting into this new way of being while at the same time there is lots of fear around  the “bad” news about how the planet is going into a tail spin.  One way is dying and another is being born.

5.    What are the most demanding aspects about your business?
Interestingly I don’t see my business as demanding but see it as more where I have limiting beliefs in my ability to deal with business.  Marketing from the beginning has been an area where I have some limiting beliefs that I have let go (there’s always more) and so I’ve hired a marketing consultant to support me with keeping on track.  She helps me to challenge myself in following up and who to focus on in terms of directing my message.  We are still working on a logo, and after 3 years, I’m just using my face and book jacket for that until it’s ready.  I’m also building a new website.

6.    What are the most rewarding aspects about your business?
The most rewarding aspects of my business is witnessing a client “get it”.  When she says “I had the most amazing conversation with my husband and he actually listened” or “I realize that I can do this” or “I’m so amazed how different life feels when I stopped believing that I had to do it all”, I am so happy for her.  I can feel from her what I felt when I made those shifts.  I feel the planet shifting into a happier place.

7.    What advice would you give to someone interested in starting a business like yours?
Do your own work and then help someone else and then keep doing your own work.  You aren’t, and don’t have to be, the guru on top of the mountain.  You are the sherpa. You are the one who has been up there and seen the view and now you are helping, supporting others in where to step, the easiest trails, and when to stop and rest.   Don’t wait to get it all perfect (it never will be) and don’t be afraid to make mistakes- they help you a lot.

8.    What are you most proud of as a parent-preneur?
I get to live out and pass on what I learn to my kids.  I get to witness my children consider choices in their lives that I didn’t even know I had as a child.  For instance, one of my daughters loves spirituality and ancient cultures and  philosophies.  She’s told me more than once that she not only wants to grow up and teach others but has taken action to help others right now as her business.  I love that she envisions herself supporting herself financially through her passion.

9.    How have you been able to balance your time between work and your family?
Balance of work and family challenged me for a long time and then once I really relaxed about my business (and let go of many of my limiting beliefs around it), I could see how to create the balance and stick to it.  At this time in my life with young children, I stop work at 4pm and focus on them.  That was difficult for me to stick to until I let go of the lies in my life that we fighting against it.  It still comes up from time to time, but my kids alert me to my slipping back into old ways (mostly by climbing on my back if I’m still looking at email past 4 pm.!)

10.    What has been the most effective way for you to promote and market yourself?
Word of mouth has been very powerful for me.  That comes down to really serving my clients as best I can, speaking the truth with love to them, and serving without any attachment to the results.  As I focus on serving them, being true to myself, and not worrying if they even become a client or not, I find that I attract more clients.  A few happy clients have multiplied through referrals.

Finally: What does your “Milk Money” provide for you and your family?
My “Milk Money” has been amazingly helpful in providing childcare, insurance, a kitchen renovation, house cleaning, and more.  Most importantly my “milk money” has provided more evidence to me that I am not limited by beliefs I had about how I can create money, how much I can create, and with whom.   I can express my passion and be supported by it in all ways.


About A Wishful Thought

I am a military wife, mother, business owner, professional writer, blogger and legislative advocate. I am an entrepreneur. At Villanova University I studied Operations Management specializing in Program and Project Management. I worked at various oil refineries honing my skills and ultimately opened my own consulting firm. I consulted on Environmental Restoration and defense projects including software development, satellite development and programming, phased array radars, helicopter and tank development, etc. I decided to take new direction in life when I became pregnant in 2000. I founded my own corporation, Wish Enterprises, Inc., to fulfill my own wish of being able to stay home with my son while contributing to the family income. With my husband’s full support, I developed and founded The Wish Place. I now also own Buy By Mom to continue to my mission of assisting parents who want to be successful in their businesses. I am the Director of Communications for Our Milk Money, the Colorado State Leader for the National Association for Moms in Business and the Colorado State Coordinator for Smart Girl Politics. I am a professional writer and blogger. I am the Colorado Springs Stay-at-Home Moms Examiner for Examiner.com. I write articles for work at home parents on my blog associated with The Wish Place. I review products produced by moms and dads and feature businesses run by moms and dads on my Buy By Mom blog. I write for various online publications and am also a political writer. My specialty is connecting people with great home business opportunities and providing unmatched one-on-one mentorship to those starting a home business. My passion, purpose and goal is to help parents work from home so they can be home with their children. To that end, I am a Legislative Advocate at the National and State levels to influence policy so that it is favorable to those in business.
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3 Responses to July Member Spotlight – Rita Desnoyers-Garcia

  1. Rita, It was so wonderful getting to know you! Thanks for participating!

  2. Lorri says:

    Cool post. I stumbled upon it on yahoo. This blog is ranking quite well there. 🙂

  3. Babara says:

    Rita is quite inspirational. Thanks for the spotlight!

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